Apiterm SD Mechanical Seal
Apiterm SD Mechanical Seal

Apiterm SD - Cartridge dual welded metal bellows “o-rings free” mechanical seal (API 682, Type C) 


The APITERM (R) mechanical seal is the new addition to the SD family of welded metal bellows mechanical seals. These seals are mainly designed for sealing hot hydrocarbons at oil refineries and petrochemical plants. SD family seals correspond to API 682, type C seal. The APITERM SD mechanical seal can be used both in tandem (API 682 Arrangement 2) AND double (API 682 Arrangement 3) modes. Also, contacting wet and dry running outboard seal versions are available.

APITERM SD family seals are used for the same applications as the followings seals:
MFLWT 80 by Burgmann Germany
BXRH/BXHH by Flowserve, USA
604/606/609/3609/ECS by John Crane, USA
34 family by EKK Eagle, Japan

Advantages unique to the APITERM seal

  • Almost the only stationary bellows tandem seal on the market fitting API 610 standard seal chambers (A stationary bellows seal offers many advantages to the end-user);
  • Double layer tilted edge inner bellows as standard;
  • Same design for API Plans 52, 53, and 54;
  • This seal shares many parts with APILITE RDT seal which makes production cheaper;
  • This seal is very resistant to coking / clogging up.
Technical Data
Temperature From -70 up to +425°C
Dynamic Pressure  Up to 65 bar
Static Pressure Up to 90 bar
Linear Speed Up to 50 m/sec

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