Photos of dry gas seals in the field

Major compressor upgrade job - replacing wet seals with dry gas seals. Project: Oil refinery at Angarsk Petrochemicals (Rosneft), Angarsk, Russia. The transfered gas is petroleum gas with high content of solids and heavier fractions condensate!

old wet seal

This is the old wet seal. The compressor is horizontally split. The wet seal was part of the lubricating system so with the wet seal removed the lubrication system had to be modified.

New dry gas seal

New dry gas seal on compressor rotor, ready for installation

Compressor being closed

Compressor being closed

Job almost done

Job almost done. The complete job included wet seal removal, modification of the lubricating system, dry gas seal installation, rotor balancing, installation of the control panel, nitrogen supply connection, cables connection. 

5GTs2-220 10.5 body

Upgraded body of the 5GTs2-220/10.5 six-stage compressor. This body has been manufactured to replace the obsolete 43TsKO-160/15 two-body compressor. The upgraded body is fitted with a dry gas seal and a Bently Nevada LLC vibration diagnostics system. The customer is Syzran Oil Refinery.

5GTs2-220 10.5 body 2

Same upgraded body of the 5GTs2-220/10.5 six-stage compressor for the Syzran Oil Refinery