SO-3 Buffer/ Barrier Fluid Reservoir

SO-3 Buffer/Barrier Fluid Reservoir


The SO-3 barrier fluid reservoir is designed to contain barrier fluid for a tandem or double mechanical seal, to provide its cooling and to control mechanical seal performance. The SO-3 barrier fluid reservoir can be used with API Plans 52 or 53 as per API682. For operation under the API 53 Plan, fluid make up manual pump NRP with the installation kit should be additionally specified.

The SO-3 barrier fluid reservoir canto be used as standard for majority applications.

The system can be fitted with instrumentation and control for automatic checking of mechanical seal performance and pump shutdown in case of mechanical seal failure. The instrumentation and control version of SO-3 can additionally include a level sensor, a pressure switch, and a temperature sensor. Sensors and switches are either intrinsically safe or explosion proof depending on customer's order.

Technical Data
Heat exchanger type Spiral tube, vertical
Cooling power Up to 2.0 kW
Metal parts material ss304 or 
Gaskets Flexible
Barrier fluid volume 6.5 liters
Maximum barrier fluid pressure in reservoir 35 bar
Maximum barrier fluid temperature after mechanical seal entering reservoir 150°
Heat exchanger cooling fluid Water, diesel,
glycol 5-30°C
Cooling water flow rate 0.6 - 1.2
Weight 32 kg

See also: 

  • SO-1 Barrier Fluid Reservoir - disassembable barrier/buffer fluid reservoir (tank) for dual mechanical seals, usually for hot pumps, for seal flush plans API52 and API53 

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