SO-1 Buffer/ Barrier Fluid Reservoir

Barrier fluid reservoir for dual mechanical seals


The SO-1 buffer / barrier fluid reservoir is designed to contain barrier fluid for a tandem or double mechanical seal, to provide its cooling and to control mechanical seal performance.The SO-1 barrier fluid reservoir can be used with flush plans API 52 or 53 as per API682. To operate under the API 53 Plan, the barrier fluid tank can be equipped with a manual fluid make up pump.

The reservoir can be fitted with instrumentation and control for automatic checking of mechanical seal performance and pump shut down in case of mechanical seal failure. The instrumentation and control version of SO-1 can additionally include a level sensor, a pressure switch, and a temperature sensor. Sensors and switches are either intrinsically safe or explosion proof depending on customer’s order.

The rare feature of this buffer fluid reservoir is that it can be disassembled for cleaning if the heat exchanger gets fouled. The heat exchanger has straight tubes that can be mechanically cleaned.

Technical Data
Heat Exchanger Type Shell and tube, floating head, four-way, vertical 
Cooling Power Up to 3.8 kW 
Barrier Fluid Volume 7.8 liters
Maximum barrier fluid pressure in reservoir Up to 50 m/sec
Maximum barrier fluid temperature after mechanical seal entering reservoir 150°C
Triggering pressure of the installed safety valve 6-8 bar
Heat exchanger cooling area .55 m²
Heat exchanger tube pack length .58 m
Heat exchanger tube cross-section 16x2 mm
Heat exchanger tubes quantity 5x4=20 pcs
Heat exchanger cooling fluid Water 15-30°C
Cooling water flow rate 0.6 - 1.2 m³/hour
Minimum service life 10 years
Weight 54 kg

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