We have been successful in many sealing applications. For example:

  • Hot (all the way up to +420C at delayed coking units) and cold hydrocarbons including crude oil (100+ bar), topped crude oil pumps, 380C bottoms pumps, fuel oil pumps, 330°C diesel fuel pumps, 330°C vacuum distillation heavier fraction pumps, thermal oil pumps, bitumen pumps, gas oil, kerosene, naphta, LPG, LNG, gasoline pumps at oil refinery atmospheric and vacuum distillation units, cracking, reforming, oligomerization units - practically all hydrocarbons that can be found in an oil refinery.
  • Chemically aggressive fluids and solvents (MEK (methyl-ethyl-ketone), MEA, benzene, toluene, xylene, styrene, phenol, pulp & paper liquors, NaOH, hydrochloric acid, liquid ammonia, sour water, tall oil rectification products and acidic waste water, phosphoric acid, spirits, hydroxylamine-sulphate reactor (with sulphuric acid), oil field water injection pumps, sea water, etc.)
  • Hot water (condensate pumps, boost pumps, boiler feed water pumps 60+ bar, process water, heating water pumps, make-up heating water pumps, circulation pumps).

dry gas seal

Our customers can rely on our application engineering. Not a single application remains unsolved.