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TREM Engineering: dry gas seal, o-ring and metal bellows mechanical seals manufacturer for API industries 

Welcome to the web site of the TREM Engineering Company. The TREM Engineering Company is a manufacturer of cartridge mechanical seals for pumps, seal systems (barrier/buffer fluid reservoirs and others) and dry gas seals for compressors. Many believe that TREM Engineering is the best among mechanical seals manufacturers in Russia for the Oil & Gas industry*.

TREM Engineering serves only a few industries, concentrating on API applications. For each industry TREM Engineering offers industry-oriented products. For example:

1) Heavy duty cartridge mechanical seals for hydrocarbons at oil refineries and petrochemical plants, including according to API682 3rd edition:

  • a) APITERM SD high temperature stationary welded metal bellows mechanical seal (API 682 Type C seal) - for hydrocarbon services at vacuum distillation, FCC, thermo cracker, delayed coker, and other units. This seal is very resistant to coking;
  • b) APILITE RDT o-ring mechanical seal (API 682 Type A seal) - for light and heavy hydrocarbons services, including VOCs and LPG, and other hazardous and chemically aggressive fluids in oil refining and gas producing industries. This seal is resistant to pump dry-running;

2) Heavy duty cartridge high pressure mechanical seals for oil refinery process, oil producing and oil transportation pumps:

  • a) 50 - series single, tandem or double high pressure mechanical seals for crude oil transportation pumps, multiphase pumps, boiler feed water pumps, and high pressure hydrocarbons process pumps. Even at high pressures this seal runs cooler and has smaller leakage rate;
  • b) RO mechanical seal for sour crude oil transportation pumps and water injection pumps. This seal has an option which offers highest resistance to clogging up.

TREM Engineering offers mechanical seals with reliability, service life and an excellent value for money. TREM Engineering mechanical seals have been proven (see page mechanical seals in use) to be at least equal to seals made by the best USA, German, and Japanese manufacturers. Modern technologies are using in manufacturing such as Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coatings where needed.

TREM Engineering offers its customers not only high-quality products, but also application engineering, product-specific training, mechanical seal repair, and supervision at installation by either the head company or by local agencies. For compressors, TREM Engineering offers not only dry gas seals and control systems. A complete package to retrofit a compressor from wet mechanical seals to dry gas seals is available.

During the last 10 years, TREM Engineering has become an official vendor of o-ring and metal bellows mechanical seals to all Russian major oil and gas companies, including Rosneft, GAZPROM, Transneft, Tatneft, GAZPROM-Neft, LUKOIL, Surgutneftegas, Bashneft, and Slavneft.

TREM Engineering has won about 70% of the cartridge mechanical seal market for oil and gas industry Russia and CIS which proves TREM Engineering to be a leading company among mechanical seals manufacturers in the oil and gas market.

Explore our products and help save your country's budget!


* based on the reports at the 2008 Annual Meeting of Heads of Maintenance Departments of oil refineries and petrochemical plants in Russia